9 Reasons Scientology Rehab Violates Patient Rights

Narconon’s Scientology rehab violates patient rights from the beginning by lying about who they are. And about what they do. Adamantly, they deny being Scientology by claiming they’re secular and independent from the church. I attest to the fact that isn’t true. Narconon doesn’t refer to their victims as patients. Instead, they more accurately refer …

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27 Cool Things to Buy with $100 Instead of Heroin

As a former heroin addict, I can’t believe the dollar amount I always managed to scrape up to supply my daily habit. By the end, I was maintaining on a hundred dollars a day! That’s scary. And it got me thinking about what cool things to buy with 100 dollars instead of heroin existed out there for me. So I put together this list of things I have bought instead of heroin for under a hundred dollars to share with you. Recovery is possible.

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