27 Fabulous Sobriety Coloring Books to Encourage Hope

Adult coloring is a fantastic activity to encourage you to slow down and be mindful. In fact, its popularity has expanded to include fabulous sobriety coloring books to encourage recovery.

These addiction recovery coloring adventures promote hours of clean and sober fun. Additionally, there is something for everyone. Such as 12-step sayings, inspirational messages, and even swear word motivation.

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Recovery Sobriety Coloring Books

First, The Addiction Recovery Coloring Book is a beautiful testament to sobriety with love. Featuring twenty-five inspirational quotes. As well as helpful tips and recovery truths.

Second, the Addicted To My Recovery coloring experience includes twenty-five unique pages. Designed with motivational slogans and inspirational sayings. This book is created to induce a peaceful and meditative state. Providing hours of clean fun.

Third, the Progress Not Perfection Coloring Book includes thirty beautiful meditative designs. As well as encouraging sobriety sayings. Also, this coloring experience is inspired by poster meetings from the rooms of AA. Making this the perfect gift for a newcomer, sponsee, or sponsor.

Lastly, the Keep It Simple Sober Adult Coloring Book includes positive AA messages to reinforce sobriety. This coloring experience promotes mindfulness and creative expression. Featuring beautiful floral designs.

In addition, here are a handful of addiction coloring books. Created with the 12-Steps sayings and motivational messages.

12 Step Coloring and Journals

The Transformative Recovery Academy 12 Step Sobriety Coloring Book promotes self-reflection. While providing anxiety and stress relief. Also, this relaxing sobriety coloring book graces you with 12 step slogans. As well as motivational messages to encourage your recovery.

Additionally, this Serenity 12-Step Recovery Coloring Book features twenty-five helpful and familiar sayings. Without a doubt, this coloring experience provides hours of sober fun.

Alternatively, this 12 Step Coloring Book Journal includes 48 journaling pages with its coloring pages. Together with 12 step slogans and inspirational recovery sayings.

Similarly, this One Day At a Time: 90 Day Addiction Recovery Journal & Recovery Coloring Book celebrates sobriety. Each day features a unique journal prompt designed to create self-reflection and awareness on your recovery path. As well as ample space to record your thoughts.

Furthermore, this coloring journal includes a healthy habits tracker. As well as a daily personal inventory to keep you centered.

The Sobriety Garden Coloring Book #2 centers around recovery and includes all 12-Steps from Alcoholics Anonymous. With gorgeous illustrations, sayings, and slogans. Additionally, this coloring joy contains beautiful prayers.

Sober Anniversary Coloring Gifts

The You’re Still Sober Sobriety Coloring Book is the perfect gift for someone celebrating one year. Filled with funny sayings, uplifting quotes, and encouraging words for sober success.

Also, The Big Book of Sober Mandalas makes a fantastic sober recovery gift for coloring fans. Featuring fifty positive messages and beautiful designs to reinforce sobriety. One Color, One Mandala, One Day At A Time. 

Addiction Coloring Books and Journals

Without a doubt, the She Believed She Could So She Got Sober Coloring Book for addiction recovery is one of my favorites. In addition to beautiful mandalas, it features a day-to-day planner. As well as a journal with guided questions. This is an ideal gift for someone new to sobriety.

Similarly, the One Day at a Time: 90 Day Addiction Recovery Journal & Coloring Book includes a day-to-day progree planner. As well as a 90-days healthy habit tracker. Furthermore, every fourth page features a mandala coloring page with a unique quote.

The World’s Best Sober Coloring Book features beautiful meditative designs with encouraging sobriety sayings. Providing hours of clean and wholesome relaxation. This coloring experience is wonderful for moving on with your life and celebrating addiction recovery.

Alternatively, the Just Face It You are an Addict Adult Coloring Book features zentangle inspired art. A unique artform demonstrating the real life faces of for the many emotions of addiction. Also, this sobriety coloring book features AA sayings.

Another remarkable coloring journey is the Sobriety Garden Coloring Book. Filled with beautiful floral designs and AA slogans.

Alternatively, this Sobriety & Recovery Coloring Book features thirty incredible designs and positive affirmations. These illustrations are designed to help you keep a sober mindset. As well as to create a sober life that you’ll love.

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Swear Word Sobriety Coloring Books

Swear word adult coloring books are increasing in popularity. They provide hours of mindfulness and creativity. As well as a way to release that pent up frustration. Expressing yourself with curse words is a coloring adventure. It allows you to let it all out.

This Sobriety and Recovery Coloring Book is designed to help you stay focused on recovery. And induce relaxation. Also, it’s packed with twenty-four motivational sayings and slogans.

Color twenty hilarious swear words with Swearing Like a Sober Motherfucker. An adult coloring book where people in recovery relieve stress without cursing out loud.

Also, this Sobriety Coloring Book features swear words for addiction recovery. This adult coloring book was created to inspire the fighter in you.

Check out Warning! Recovery in Progress for twenty-four unique pages of swear word recovery. Designed to help keep you motivated with your recovery.

The I’m Too Sober for This Sh!t is a fun and creative swear word sobriety coloring book. Featuring twenty-four unique pages of curse word coloring fun.

Swear Word Sobriety Coloring Journals

Alternatively, Fuck Addiction is a coloring journal for addiction recovery. Featuring a 21-day planner to track progress. As well as positive affirmations.

Similarly, Screw You Addiction includes a 21-days planner journal. In addition to its coloring sheets. There are prompt pages allowing you to define a daily goal. As well as track your daily mood and write down a positive affirmation.

Another recovery journal and coloring duo is Look at You Getting Sober and Shit. This book alternates between coloring motivation and a 24-day planner. Also, fill these pages with positive affirmations.

Similarly, this Sober As Fuck Coloring Book includes a a 24-day planner. Created to help you with your fight with addiction. This journal features advises and examples to help you create positive affirmations.

Another beautiful sobriety journal and coloring book is One Day at a Time. This masterpiece includes a 24-days planner. As well as motivational quotes and swear word coloring pages.

That wraps up our list of amazing sobriety coloring books. Would you do me a favor and share this guide? Thanks! Those always make me smile. Which coloring adventure is your favorite?

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  1. This is such a great idea. Coloring is a great activity to soothe the spirit AND the affirmation designs are perfect for keeping the spirits up. Love it.

    1. Absolutely! My sobriety coloring books and inspirational message coloring books help me engage my creativity. As well as help me slow down and quiet my mind.

  2. I have a few adult coloring books, some which I bought, some were received as a gift. I enjoy spending time coloring and I love it when I complete a page. Definitely therapeutic and good for mental health.

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