Wondering how the Church of Scientology recruits new members? They employ abduction as a method of recruitment! I’ve got the inside scoop on a Scientology scam. Don’t be fooled by reports of dwindling numbers.

Those numbers only reflect people who are admitting their allegiance to the cult. I’m going to introduce you to a world of practicing Scientologists that aren’t even aware that they are Scientologists. Abducted under the false pretense of rehabilitation and brainwashed into a cult.

Many, not all of these people, believe they’re saving lives and that they owe their own lives to this organization called, Narconon. I know this because, for seven months, I was one of them.

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Narconon Scientology

Narconon is a worldwide organization that claims they provide drug rehabilitation services. But they’re not. Instead, they’re an indoctrination campus for Scientology school. So what’s happening?

We’re experiencing a global opioid epidemic. Families are desperate to save the lives of drug addicts that they love and the Church of Scientology (COS) is preying on that vulnerability. Once a drug addict finds they’ve been abducted by the cult it’s not as simple as catching a ride home.

They’ve been stripped of their identification, financial means, cell phones, and freedom to come and go as they please. Additionally, they are flown far from home for intentional isolation and are thirty miles from the nearest town.

Ready to find out how Scientology is almost a two billion dollar operation despite reports of decreasing membership numbers? I’m sad to report this is real, but here we go.

Fake Websites

My family had no idea dialing an internet hotline would engage the first part of Narconon’s scam. While not present for my parent’s conversation, I have insider knowledge of what it sounded like on the other end. As an intern, I assumed the opportunity to monitor calls when I was training to become the recruiter.

A recruiting position at Narconon known as a registrar, or the reg, deceive unsuspecting victims into writing checks and signing their loved ones up for the indoctrination. Several days of listening taught me how to find the money. Countless hours of shadowing revealed an evil scheme.

Narconon operates fraudulent websites that perpetuate themselves as legitimate addiction resource sites. A hotline is provided encouraging you to call in to find the right treatment for the drug addict you’re concerned about.

A chat bubble presents itself. Staff posing as an operator reaches out offering any support needed during this difficult time. Eventually, you’ll be directed to call in.

Once phoned, the reg guides the conversation from the script. You’re expecting a sympathetic ear, and you may even be presented with one. But in truth, a wolf is on the line, sniffing out their commission.

A series of questions asked, determine your financial status under the pretense of concern for your dying addict. Their slogan is, find the money. Locating it quickly is demanded and if there is none, click.  


Example Dialogue of Scientology Scam

**Dialogue is based on an actual call I observed. It was the definitive moment in my inability to perform the duties required of the job.**

Gain Their Trust

Caller: Please help me. My daughter is shooting heroin. She has overdosed twice and her father and I are terrified that we are going to lose her. We lost our son last June and she is all I have left in this world. I don’t know what to do you. You are my last hope! Please God, can you help me?

The Reg: You’re doing the right thing. I’m not God, I’m The Reg, but trust me, I’m going to help you save her life! Don’t worry. Have faith, we will find her the best treatment available. I’ve got resources at my fingertips, I need you to trust me. Do you trust me? (She agrees). Great. First, what is your name and what’s your daughter’s name? What kind of work do you do? Does your husband work?

Caller: My daughter’s name is Elizabeth. We named her after Elizabeth Taylor. (Quietly crying). I’m Pam but I don’t work. I fell down and broke my tibia, you know, that’s the bone in your leg? Anyway, I’ve not been able to return to work. There were major complications during recovery.

I had an infection and then I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Two surgeries later and I am still not fully myself. But my husband works in Aerospace.

Locate the Money

The Reg: Sorry to hear that, and on top of all this. Let’s make sure we get your daughter into rehab before it is too late. It sounds like you have enough on your plate. I actually have a program in mind that sounds like a perfect fit for your daughter. (Don’t forget this person is Narconon’s Scientology scam).

Let me get a few more answers filled out and see where it directs us. Are you collecting unemployment or disability? What’s your husband’s salary? Does he have a 401k?  Do you have insurance? Co-insurance?

Caller: No disability and my unemployment barely help us to pay the bills. He honestly just started this job. We have to wait for ninety-days for insurance and I am not sure if they will cover it. We depleted most of his 401k when we were both out of work mourning the loss of our infant son, (Sobbing uncontrollably, barely able to muster any audible words).

He was only a few months old. I’ve been such a wreck I didn’t notice the drug use and her father’s been working trying to keep us fed. It’s escalated so quickly! What are we going to do?

The Reg: Oh Pam, I understand your grievance. I can’t imagine having to go through anymore on top of that. Opioids claim a life every eleven minutes. That’s the harsh truth and reality of her future if she doesn’t get the help she needs. Do you own your own home? Have equity in it? How much money do you think you can come up with to save your daughter’s life?

Caller: We have a couple savings bonds. I’d have to talk to my husband about their value amount. I had forgotten about those. We have some money in an IRA that we were saving for her college. It’s not much. We don’t own our home. I’m not sure about equity. We have at most, twelve-thousand-dollars we can access.


Secure More Money

The Reg: I understand this is a difficult time to locate your resources. I’m trained to help. The program I had in mind earlier is the one that popped up on my screen as a perfect fit for her. It’s a little more than the twelve-thousand. Is there anyone in your family or circle of friends that would loan you the money?

Over one-hundred-thousand people overdose globally each year. Those statistics don’t lie. Surely, there is somebody that cares enough about her? Is there a veteran in the family with a pension?

And the conversation continues in this direction until the money is located, or until the caller is turned away to a generic number that offers irrelevant help to their cause. The reg, (who is fully versed in the script below) directs you to Narconon by presenting themselves dishonestly. Proposing they’re your only logical option.

Narconon Scientology Scam – The Script

There are three components to the reg’s script at Narconon. Designed to make it feel as though the person on the line (Narconon) has exhausted all of your options, making Narconon your only hope.

Christian Teen Program

First, a Christian Teen program is presented but downplayed immensely as youth-targeted with an unsuccessful recovery rate. Adults are welcome to attend, but the emphasis is placed on the teenage bunkmates. Rehabilitation time is outlined vaguely, as a one-to-two year-long stay.  Nineteen-thousand dollars is the price of admission.


Second, Narconon is glorified with unprecedented numbers of victory. Drug-free is their gospel, and they sing a fabricated tune about a 75% success rate. Narconon is the olive branch that you have been painstakingly searching for. Drug-free withdrawal, new life detoxification, and life skills are phrases that are expounded next by a mirage of untruths.

Guaranteed, you are talking to a liar. However, there’s no guarantee on which lies you’ll be told. Deceptions fluctuate between having a one-on-one counselor dedicated to your personal recovery, to horseback riding on the beach. Daily massage therapy is highlighted as aiding in the drug-free withdrawal.

No other facility compares, making them the obvious choice. Thirty-to-forty-thousand-dollars is the admission fee.

All images on their website are laughable and are not at all what my experience resembled at Narconon.

Betty Ford Clinic

Lastly, there is the Betty Ford Clinic. Narconon asserts the Ford Clinic focuses more on alcoholism than drug addiction. And while they will accept opioid users, it’s not their forte. Battling an opioid epidemic worldwide, over ninety-percent of the calls pertained to opioid users, predominantly heroin addicts. And a one-hundred-thousand dollar price tag is what Narconon alleges for the Betty Ford Clinic.

Scientology Scam Against Googling

All three options delivered are more expensive than the average person admits to affording. Listening in, I felt the pain of each caller. Confused, desperate and fearful of losing their loved ones, have a universal tone. These people will do anything in their power to save the life of the addict they love.

Narconon knows this and preys on their vulnerability. Furthermore, knowing an online search of Narconon reveals controversy and death, potential check writers are emailed direct links and guided farther into the deception. An exclusive reg tour with you, still on the line. Allowing them to safeguard against Google’s disclosures of Narconon’s deaths, Narconon Deaths, and other fraud. A huge emphasis is put on perfecting this procedure to avoid the caller from Googling Narconon.

The reg will continue to use manipulative words, phrases, and deplorable tactics to ensure a fat commission check. Enormous amounts of pressure are put on the reg to perform at the status quo. Monetary quotas are to be met weekly, I believe by Thursday. If they excel, they’re celebrated as masters of the universes.

Most of them flaunt their success with luxury cars. However, if they’re unable to perform, they are severely scrutinized and reallocated within the Org.

Promises of the Scientology Scam

Narconon has the audacity to impose a mock interviewing process for their Scientology scam and each candidate is subjected to it to determine eligibility. Helping preserve the illusion of prestige they’ve created, as being a credible rehab with impeccable success rates. It’s a farce. Eligibility strictly adheres to whether or not you have the money.

Lies My Reg Told Me

My reg advised that the rooms are private or double occupancy with breathtaking views of the ocean. Flat-screen televisions occupy each room. A hot tub and a heated pool are offered as great ways to relieve stress and relax sore muscles.

One-on-one counseling to delve into the underlying issues of drug abuse is daily. Your program is designed to be run by you and it takes as long as it takes. Therapists participate in running sessions while walking barefoot in the sand. Combing it for seashells is encouraged.

Naturally, there is a fully stocked mini-fridge in my room accommodating my request for Coca Cola. None of these promises were true.

Infamous fables from the Glendale reg include a lake, jet skis, horseback riding, fridge full of mountain dew, internet access, chapel, vending machines, cigarettes, yoga class, indoor gym, pool tables, therapists and daily massage.

One student was promised a magnificent, rolling green golf course. After paying hefty shipping fees to fly his clubs out with him, livid was one of the emotions he expressed. After completing his program, he went home, overdosed and died. R.I.P. Matthew Irvine. I’m sorry I didn’t speak up sooner and pray that your family’s well.

Furthermore, Narconon is responsible for numerous reported deaths. However, there are several untold stories of victims who didn’t receive any drug treatment and went home and died as a result. Their families deserve refunds and restitution. Please don’t dismiss the seriousness of this Scientology scam because its victims are only drug addicts.

First, that’s not true as their entire families are victims too. And second, if you feel a drug addict’s life is of lesser worth because they chose that life, I love you through your ignorance and pray you’ll never know the loss this disease inflicts.

The Mission of the Scientology Scam

The COS’s front group Narconon operates a two-fold scam with one mission, money. First by defrauding the unsuspecting public out of millions of dollars to finance their cult. Narconon is not a drug rehab independent from the church, as they claim.

Second, the COS preys on drug addicts in their most weakened and vulnerable state. Many people surrender their lives to this cult. Staying at Narconon centers working as slave labor for an illegal wage. Remember, they don’t Google anything about Scientology under strict orders not to and they’re completely unaware that they’ve surrendered their minds to the COS’s indoctrination.

These people are the forgotten victims of Scientology. Practicing Scientologists without a fucking clue of who they’ve become. Many call themselves, Christians. It is criminal. If you or a loved one are searching for drug rehabilitation, do your research and say no to Narconon.

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