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As a former student and intern at Narconon, I assure you– it is Scientology! And it is not a secular entity independent from the church, as they allege it to be. Unfortunately, from the moment you arrive at the center, you’re told it isn’t Scientology.

Moreover, you’re chastised if you question that notion. As a result, the group repeats the lie and its untruth continues to flourish. I heard the lie. And I believed it was a lie. But, I advanced the lie anyway! Why? I honestly don’t know. Group dynamics are a funny thing and not in a ha-ha kind of sense.

An unexplainable following happens and you learn to stop questioning things and go with the flow. To clarify, being surrounded by nothing but cult members makes it nearly impossible not to conform to an ideology you’re not even aware you’re being conditioned to.

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Ignorance About Scientology

Most importantly, people going into Narconon don’t know anything about Scientology. Subsequently, it’s the perfect scam to operate on unsuspecting drug addicts there to seek rehab. That is to say, that going to rehab is already a foreign experience with unexpected obstacles and the Church of Scientology (COS) banks on these victims and their families to be clueless about their scheme.

And they are, completely clueless. For instance, Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch was the extent of my knowledge prior and they don’t expand your understanding of Scientology. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Scientology is a hushed word and it’s not permitted to question or speak about it.

Because no-one is familiar with their practices, it’s difficult to decipher fact from fiction. However, privately, people mock L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) and his strange practices. Likewise, they gather in groups to joke and laugh about the predicament they find themselves in.

All you can do is laugh, and pray. But there isn’t room for resistance and you’re confined to a location in the middle of nowhere. For a duration of at least three months. As a result, you comply with the brainwashing program being sanctioned as drug rehabilitation and become unidentified cult members who escalate and embellish on the lie.

1. L. Ron Hubbard is Narconon Scientology

From the beginning, you’re instructed that LRH is a humanitarian and that the program is based solely on his humanitarian principles and works. The staff assures and reassures you that Narconon has zero connection to Scientology. However, all the books read,

Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

But they aren’t based on his works at all. They are his works. Meanwhile, addicts are sick and dying, desperate to get help and completely unaware of the dangers they are confronted with. Without any frame of reference to cite regarding LRH or Scientology, you understand that what you’re doing is unusual and not drug rehab.

However, there’s no comprehension that you’re being brainwashed by the cult, in an effort to get you to surrender your life to the further aiding and abetting of their Scientology Scam.

Moreover, the people teaching you these untruths are all people that barely graduated the program themselves. In other words, they graduate mere weeks to months before you arrive. With no understanding of anything different regarding LRH or Scientology.

Above all, they honestly believe what they’re saying, without any outsiders to observe, question or inform otherwise. To clarify, they were drug addicts coming in and thought they were receiving rehab as well.

However, with spirits broken, souls lost, and minds in their most vulnerable weakened state, instead, they’re learning to control people while being controlled at the same time.

2. Narconon Scientology Training Routines

Scientology Training Routines (TRs) drills, are immediately forced on you once arriving at Narconon. They’re the most basic part of Scientology training. And an introductory step designed to plant the seeds for mind control.

Zero explanation is offered about their purposes Truth be told, the Course Supervisors don’t understand the truth. As stated, they’ve been completely brainwashed and are repeating what they’ve been handled to say. TR 0 is designed to put you in a trance-like, or hypnotic-state.

Training Routine TR 0

These TRs are directed for 15-minutes, each, and daily. Regardless of if you are staff, intern or student. However, during your program, you can expect to perform these TRs in 15-minute intervals until you’ve successfully completed both, (eyes open/eyes closed) for two hours each. Essentially, it’s the world’s longest staring contest. For instance, the video below is an accurate depiction of TR 0. (Except they impose removal of eyeglasses).

I mean no disrespect to the people in the video, but it does zero justice in demonstrating the hell that ensues performing these brainwashing drills. That is to say, if you’ve got a friend and want an awkward laugh, attempt to stare at them without flinching, smirking, talking, moving, flinching, or making any other sounds or movements for 15 minutes.

Can you visualize a two-hour session? Now add 70 loud and obnoxious drug addicts in the background and sit there quietly. It’s torturous.

Minimum TR 0 Time Required:

Eyes closed = 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, and 120-minute intervals.

Total trance state= 540 minutes/9 hours.

Eyes open= 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, and 120-minute intervals.

Total trance state= 540 minutes/9 hours.

Add an additional 30-minutes per day, times 90-days minimum.

Total trance state= 2700 minutes/45 hours.

Grand total trance state= 3780 minutes/63 hours!

Yes. You’re reading that correctly. In order to graduate the program– you endure 63 hours of TR 0, minimum. As an intern, I completed an additional four hours in one sitting, in order to obtain my withdrawal specialist hat.

Training Routine TR 3

TR 3 is the introduction to the most notorious question asked at Narconon, “Do Bird’s Fly?” I understand the confusion. So let me clarify. You and your twin, (your designated partner) will sit three feet apart, (standard TR formation).

Example Dialogue:

Coach: “Start. Do bird’s fly?”

Twin: “No”

Coach: “I repeat the question– do bird’s fly?”

Twin: “Your chin is pointy.”

Coach: “I repeat the question– do bird’s fly?”

Twin: “You’re going to be repeating that question all day long sucker!”

Coach: “I repeat the question– do bird’s fly?”

Twin: “Penguins don’t.”

Coach: “Thank you. Do bird’s fly?”

Twin: “Yes.”

Coach: “Thank you. End of session.”

Not too intense– right? Wrong! You’re in class for up to 9 hours a day and this is it. If this is the part of the program you’re on, it is the only thing you’re doing. Over, and over, and over, again.

And over, and over, again, you’re instructed to command the question, do birds fly? It’s your decision which answers you’ll accept and you and your twin alternate giving the commands. These training routines are the first week to two weeks of your life at Narconon. But, you drill them with new students later in your program. In other words, a daily refresher course within the program.

3. Narconon Scientology Yelling at Ashtrays

The purpose of this drill is to teach intention without reservation. I’m not sure how to explain it. And I still don’t fully understand it, nor care to. But I’ll demonstrate it with the assigned patter. Oh, forgive me, that’s not a misspelled word. Scientology made up the word, patter to describe the special vocabulary of a drill.

TR 8 Intention Without Reservation

Coach: “Start. Locate the space.”

Coach: “Locate the object in that space.”

Coach: “Command it as loudly as you can.”

Narconon Book One PDF Courtesy of The Tipping Point

Student: “STAND UP!”

Narconon Book One PDF Courtesy of The Tipping Point

Coach: “Acknowledge it as loudly as you can.”

Student: “THANK YOU.”

Narconon Book One PDF Courtesy of The Tipping Point

Coach: “Command it as loudly as you can.”


narconon-scientology yelling-at-ashtray
Narconon Book One PDF Courtesy of The Tipping Point

Coach: “Acknowledge it as loudly as you can.”

Student: “THANK YOU.”

The idea is to control the object with your commands, (mind) and not your arms– that are actually lifting the ashtray up and down. However, this continues and develops into intentionally delivering the wrong commands and bullbaiting.

If you’re questioning what part of this is drug rehabilitation, please speak up! We need to protect the public from these monsters. A demonstration of Yelling at Ashtrays occurs at 12 seconds into the video below. Students at Narconon spend countless hours practicing TR 8 Intention Without Reservation.

4. Narconon Scientology Objectives

Another practice of Scientology known as objectives is mandated in order to graduate from the program. Arriving at Narconon, students are experiencing severe drug withdrawal and are immediately forced to perform these ridiculous objectives.

Handled to believe that they’re to bring you out of your head. Imagine a time in your life when you were the sickest you’ve ever been. Now concentrate on being forced for 10-12 hours a day to engage in activities designed to make you explode, or manifest a blow.

The bottom line is– eventually, you conform. And I’m certain, everyone goes a little mad-hatter along the way.

Narconon Scientology Objective Five

Book Four B PDF Courtesy of The Tipping Point

These are the commands and you’re required to spend days on this objective. Up to 9 hours per day. During this exercise, you’re required to use a round table. It’s like your very own hamster wheel and you must remain ambulant, (always walking) around the table.

After a few hours of alternating between touching your nose and touching the table, you feel like you’re going to implode. After a couple of days, I exploded. But that’s another story.

5. Narconon Scientology Sauna

Narconon and Scientology are allegedly separate entities, (trust me, they’re not). But the detox portion of the program is an exact replica of Scientology’s Purification Rundown. It’s dangerous and a five-hour requirement every day until you’re cleared for Book 3. What does a day in the life of a sauna student look like in the Narconon Scientology Sauna?

Niacin Dosage

Before the sauna, you take a dose of Niacin. Narconon proposes the niacin will flush all drug residuals from the body. I’m talking every ibuprofen pill you’ve ever taken in your life is supposedly purged from your body. Each day you’re monitored for a reaction to the niacin. If your body doesn’t react they’ll up your dose the next day.

This continues until you stop reacting to the niacin, (25-40-ish days). Or until you reach the maximum amount given. Beginning dose is 100mg, the maximum is an unhealthy 5000mg dosage. After swallowing the niacin, you run for 20-minutes and then get into the box and sweat. Almost every day someone says, “It feels like a sauna in here” and laughs like it’s the most hysterical thing they’ve ever said.

People experiencing the most severe reactions to the niacin must sit on the top bench to guarantee they’re in the hottest place of the sauna. Suffering 140-180 degree dry heat, this maximizes the ability to sweat out the toxins. During a niacin reaction, you’re not allowed to get out of the sauna. The cliche goes,

What turns it on, turns it off.

Meaning, until you stop experiencing the symptoms, you’re stuck in the box. And despite student efforts, there isn’t a tunnel out of the place! Fortunately, my body barely reacted to the niacin and I survived a record low of only 22 days in the sauna and never exceeded a 2500 mg dosage. But many of my comrades were not so lucky.

Niacin Side Effects

  • Redness
  • Flushing
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Mild Dizziness
  • Warmth
  • Tingling
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry Skin
  • Gas
  • Muscle Pain
  • Leg Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

Students can come out to run through a stream of cold water or smoke a cigarette, (because all good detoxing programs encourage adding toxins into your body during detox). Also, students are allowed out of the sauna for 20-30 minutes for a meal before being rushed back into the sweatbox. Zero medical staff is available on-campus.

The people administering the niacin and other supplements are all former drug addicts programmed to remain at the facility. The nearest hospital from Warner Springs is 30-minutes away in Temecula. However, they frequent the Institute for Progressive Medicine. Nearly two and a half hours away. Their office is filled with LRH books and Scientology supplements.

6. Eight Dynamics

The eight dynamics of Scientology are introduced to you in Book Six of the Narconon program. They represent the eight divisions that are applied to life circumstances known as, conditions of existence.

Also defined as urges, impulses, motives, or drives, in life. Scientology’s dynamics are defined prior to the next step of the Narconon Scientology scam, Overts and Withholds. In order to understand those, you need to be aware of these.

First Dynamic:

The first is Self Dynamic. The urge toward existence as one’s self. This dynamic embraces self and self’s immediate possessions and other people are not excluded from the first dynamic.

Second Dynamic:

Sex, Creativity, or Family Dynamic is defined by the second urge. At Narconon, it’s called the Creativity Dynamic.

Third Dynamic:

The Group Dynamic. Or, Group Survival is the third dynamic. Groups can be inclusive of many. A race, community, town, nation, school, or workplace. The size of the group doesn’t matter.

Provided they’re seeking to survive as a group, (much like Narconon students. Seeking to SURVIVE as a group of people. Essentially, abducted from their families to participate in a scam instead of the drug rehabilitation they need and PAID for).

Fourth Dynamic:

The fourth dynamic is Species Dynamic. Consider one race being the third dynamic and the entire world’s population becomes the fourth.

Fifth Dynamic:

Regarding all living things, this impulse is called the Life Forms Dynamic, or Animal.

Sixth Dynamic:

Matter, energy, time, and space, (MEST) are the sixth dynamic. MEST is the Universe Dynamic.

Seventh Dynamic:

Anything spiritual, with or without identity is categorized by the seventh or Spiritual Dynamic.

Eighth Dynamic:

The Infinity Dynamic is the Supreme Being or God urge. Infinity is the eighth dynamic because the infinity symbol turned upside down is the number eight.

7. Overts and Withholds

Overts and withholds referred to as O/W’s, (pronounced Oh-dubs) are a Scientologist’s written confession. Essentially, it’s written documentation of a sinner’s sins. During the Narconon program, you’re required to write O/W’s for each dynamic.

A Case Supervisor (CS) determines when you’ve confessed enough before you’re cleared to write for the next dynamic. It’s intense and you have to write your deepest, darkest secrets. As well as, all the other embarrassing things that no-one talks about. There’s no way around it. And if you did it 8 billion times, you write it 8 billion times! Sorry, Homer.

Four Elements to Properly Writing the O/W:

  1. Time- A definite moment. Exact time, (hour/day/year)
  2. Place-Specific location. Particular place or point in space. Location of the occurrence.
  3. Form- Particular nature, character, and structure of a thing. Arrangement of things.
  4. Event- Thing that takes place. Distinct incident.

Example O/W: First Dynamic- Self

On the 8th of March, 2013 at 3:03 a.m. I sat in the front seat of my vehicle. Parked in an abandoned parking lot in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. I pulled my spoon and dope out and melted a shot down, and I stabbed my arm repeatedly with a needle in an attempt to shoot heroin. An hour later I connected and shot the dope.

O/W Requirements for Passing Book Six

Naturally, there is no way in hell anyone, especially drug addicts can remember the precise times and dates of their transgressions. Consequently, making the practice fraudulent and destroying any credibility of the alleged rehabilitation program.

Course Supervisors instruct you to make that part of the O/W up and you have to write a bunch of them. For example, a heroin junkie would have several pages of repeating the same O/W that I outlined above. Changing only the dates and times to appease the Case Supervisor. Pages of overts and withholds are required for each dynamic, front and back.

Despite students expressing they have nothing else to confess, they’re not cleared for the next dynamic of O/W’s until the Case Supervisor believes it. Therefore, many students make them up. I made up several O/W’s in each dynamic, in order to be cleared to move on in my program.

Imagine a couple of weeks of ten-hour days, and all you’re doing is writing your sins and making up sins so that you can go home. That is what it takes to complete the O/W’s portion of Narconon’s Scientology scam.

And there you have it world. Seven reasons that Narconon is the Church of Scientology front group parading themselves as a drug rehab. Several other reasons exist and I will elaborate further with many more posts.

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