Welcome to CrazyGirlBlogger 2019

Celebrating six years being heroin free on 09-27-2019. I write about being abducted by the cult of Scientology, being a homeless junkie, overcoming heroin addiction, marijuana, and other crazy shit. 

I haven’t published in years, (sorry) but I’m actively writing several articles. I will be releasing my Narconon content very soon, (please disregard the unfinished series). Narconon is a front for the Church of Scientology. Don’t go there, and don’t send your loved ones there. Several people have died and continue to die because of their scam. I’m sorry I didn’t speak up sooner. It’s a Church of Scientology Indoctrination School. There is no drug rehabilitation being implemented. Subscribe for all the insane details, and follow me to be updated when regular posting resumes. Thanks and God bless you.



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