Thrive- What A Time To Be Alive- Week 2

Posting a quick update about my progress using Thrive and answering a few questions I have been asked along the way!

My Daily Thrive Routine:

I am happy to report that I am still waking up everyday before my alarm between 8:00-8:30 am! This is a miracle for me folks. For most of my life I have worked swing or graveyard shifts. I am a complete night owl. There has never been a time in my life, where waking up was as easy as opening my eyes. I am completely blown away by the method in which I have been waking up. Naturally, my eyes open and I have to pee, (TMI? Get used to me telling it exactly how it is. That’s just me). After I relieve that urge, I immediately take my two Thrive vitamins with water. I take them on an empty stomach and they have never upset it. Not once! This also impresses me. As I recall, one occasion where I took a Centrum vitamin on an empty stomach and found myself vomiting not long afterwards. I detest vomiting, (as I think most of us do) and that experience alone, deterred my practice of ever taking vitamins again. Until now, of course.

Ten minutes after taking the vitamins, I mix my shake with some water and guzzle it down. It is breakfast for me. A meal replacement. I’ve accepted that this is not an extra cost, as I had originally deduced because normal people spend some amount of money on a daily breakfast budget. Don’t they? This shake costs less than a bowl of healthy cereal, Mc. Donald’s drive thru or piece of fruit. I went to buy a Pink Lady apple from Safeway this week and was disgusted at the $3.99 per pound price. No wonder America is fat! Moving on….

Ten minutes after I enjoy my shake, I slap on my Thrive patch and for the next 24 hours, I am ready to go! I take my daughter to school and then immediately edit and publish a blog post to my, “Epidemic” series documenting my previous heroin addiction and life on the streets, (Been clean since 09-27-13). I have a following of active users that look forward to that fix each day. As well as, a smaller Facebook following of people in my life that are curious about that lifestyle or personal time in my life. Despite knowing this, before I was using Thrive, it was more difficult for me to commit to editing and publishing as frequently because I didn’t have the energy to do it. More often than not, I would opt to go back to bed.

Now that I have completed my Thrive routine, (first 30 minutes of the day) the rest of my day is yet to be determined, but here is a few developments during my week 2….

Some Unexpected Issues:

It is disheartening to feel so good and have so much energy and still not fully know what to do with it. Change is a difficult concept to accept. Even when the change is most certainly for the better. My mind is fully alert and my body is in go, go, go mode, and yet, I still have a difficult time with the idea of working out in front of people. Thus, despite having my gym membership, I have not utilized it. I have, however, discovered some great work outs on Instagram. I particularly like the Squat Videos. Who doesn’t want a nice ass? I realize that I am not alone in fearing the ridicule I might endure at the gym. Hence, my desire to be open and honest about this mental setback. I stress the word, mental, because for me, that is all it is. After years of low self esteem issues and a negative body image, I have developed a mental block that continues to taunt me with nagging thoughts such as:

  • What if those soccer moms with their Crossfit bodies are staring at me and judging me from their perfect elliptical workout routines? “
  • What if the meatheads laugh at me because I don’t know how to use the weight machines properly?”
  • What if my enormous boobs are embarrassingly bouncing all over the place if I attempt to jog on the treadmill? Worse, what does my Care Bear like tummy look like bouncing around?”
  • What if I attempt to jog and find myself out of breath, (I am a cigarette smoker) after a mere 12 seconds? If I collapse on the floor would someone help me up, or instead, upload a humiliating video of my collapse onto YouTube?”
  • What if I get there and make a complete ass of myself? After all, we have all seen those embarrassing Facebook videos of people using gym equipment improperly and laughed about it. What if they laugh at me?”

Do you see the pattern here? There is an awful lot of, “What ifs.” I recognize that and acknowledge that like accepting any other change in life, you are going to be faced with your own list of, “What ifs.” More important than the, “What ifs” in life, however, are the results.

Lets face it folks. Who gives a shit what might happen concerning the other people at the gym! Of course, this is much easier said than implemented, right? The only thing I can be certain of by going is that I will be exercising. Exercise is a necessary part of living a healthier life. Your body needs it. This is not a new concept. Sorry to disappoint any of you reading this who thought they were just going to slap on a Thrive patch and get a beach body overnight. That is not the reality of this miraculous product.

What I can guarantee you is that my appetite has been curbed and as a result, I’ve lost weight without even trying. I have energy and motivation to get to the gym, but am only in week two of using the product and am battling my own personal fears about public ridicule. I have worked out at home and I wasn’t doing that before Thrive. For me, this is still an impressive step for only having been using the products for two weeks. I have been picking up more shifts at work because I have the energy to run around and make that money honey. I’ve been positive and happier all around and have recognized areas I need to work on, (the gym) whereas before, I only made excuses.  I made excuses as to why I couldn’t go to the gym such as: not enough time, no childcare, no energy, etc. However, the excuses have been replaced with a comprehensive understanding as to why I am hesitant about going and the mental clarity to defeat that self doubt. Now, I am acknowledging the issue and you bet your ass by my the time I post the week three update, I will be in that gym! I am promising you that.

Awe, Poop:

Yes, you are going to poop. I think. I have been anyways. I realize this may be construed as distasteful or tactless talk, but everybody poops! So please, get over it. I have definitely experienced more frequent and routine bowel movements since I have been using this product. Before I was irregular and experienced both extremes concerning poop; constipation and diarrhea. Since I have been using Thrive, I have not suffered from either of those extremes and have a more regular bowel moving schedule. Ew. I know. But hey, I am just telling it like it is. Also, your urine after taking the vitamins will be a shade of yellow fit for a rainbow. Drink plenty of water. This is all normal. Moving on…

The Patch:

I love the patch! I typically alternate between my thighs or my upper arms for its daily placement. That being said, they do tend to leave behind a sticky, square outline on my skin. I’ve attempted to remove it with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol wipes and of course soap, water and a loofah. I have extremely sensitive skin. The alcohol wipes worked, but that is another expense and alcohol tends to dry out the skin. The loofah was a laughable attempt. The hydrogen peroxide worked, but again, that is another expense and chemical on my skin. I messaged Jamon, knowing that I must not be the only one experience the sticky square issue. He informed me warm, soapy water and a pumice stone works wonders. It absolutely does. I wasn’t going to let a little sticky residue, deter me from using the products. However, I find it important to be honest about what you can expect when using the products. The good, the bad and the ugly, (see above poop paragraph for a recap of the ugly).

Questions From The Audience:

I have had several people inquire about Thrive. Either they work with me and notice the change or they see my Facebook updates and have become curious. Here are a few most common questions answered below:

1.) Does this Thrive really work or are you just selling the shit?

It works! I am not selling anything. I don’t have a trunk full of the product. I don’t knock door to door. I don’t have a stand set up at some city fair or convention. If you want to buy the product, I promote it. I’ll set you up an account using your email. This will provide you with your own link for ordering product. Do I get credit if I refer people? Absolutely. If two people start buying Thrive under my referral each month, my monthly products for personal use will be free. However, if you use it, believe in it, start Thriving and start telling people about it. You can refer people under the link I provide you for your personal orders and will experience that same benefit. This is not some ploy to receive free product or make millions off of gullible fools online. Do I want my product for free? Ah, gee let me think..YES! But having said that, let me reiterate a point from week 1’s blog post. If the product wasn’t doing exactly what I am telling you it is doing for me, why would I want to continue using the product even at the price of free? I wouldn’t! Seriously, let that reality resonate with you for a minute. Many of you are my friends. I would not try to hustle you or screw you over. I love you bro. Thrive really works for me and is doing exactly what I am telling you it is doing.

2.) Why is it so expensive? I can’t afford it…..

I pay $190 for the package I use each month. That package includes: a 30 day supply of vitamins, a 30 day supply of patches, (DFT) and 16 shakes. Let’s break this down. If I spend $190 a month, that is $6.33 per day to feel fucking phenomenal. How is that expensive? How can you not afford it? Do you afford it or exceed it by buying coffees or energy drinks everyday? Is your emotional well-being, energy levels, weight management and mental clarity not worth that to you? I know I am worth it. I have never felt this good in my entire life. I would spend more than this, (without realizing it of course) every month on energy drinks, coffee, espresso, tips for the espresso girls, rocket chocolates and ibuprofen. Ever since I have started using the products, I have stopped waking up with headaches. Let me assure you that headaches were part of my daily routine and I popped ibuprofen like candy. NO MORE HEADACHES! #WorthIt.

I wish this package had 30 shakes and I am not sure why it doesn’t. To get an extra package of 16 shakes cost an additional $56. I haven’t ordered extra this month, but I will for next because I drink them as my breakfast. For now, I use the shakes on days that I work doubles or when I feel hungry when waking up. Still, add the $56 to the $190 and you have $246, or $8.20 per day. For me, that was my daily espresso plus tip for the espresso gal. I hadn’t realized I was spending this, but in retrospect, I was. So Thrive is not a new expense for me. It replaced the old, unhealthy, caffeinated, sugar filled and sugar crashing existence that I was living before. Only now, there is so much more energy, a mental clarity coffee never delivered and there is no crash. Moral of the story, can you really not afford it? Are you not worth it? Is it not worth $6-$8 a day to feel better than you have ever felt in your life?

I wonder how much money we make allowances for on things that make us feel worse like cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, sugar and drugs? I know I personally spend $8.00 per day on cigarettes alone….

3.) Are there any side effects?

I have experienced mood balance, less aches and discomforts, mental clarity, motivation, energy, happiness, absence of headaches, neck tension relief and a relief in digestive irritability. I haven’t had anything I would classify as a, “side effect.” I outlined the poop and sticky residue above and those are the only two inconveniences I have experienced while using the product.

In Conclusion:

I understand your hesitation. It took nearly six months before I reached out to my friend Jamon. I had to see for myself through his Facebook updates, that his promotion of this product was not complete and utter bullshit. I watched him become more fit and positive. His before and after pictures are astonishing for such a short time.  I hope you don’t wait six months to try it. Now I know the frustration he must have felt waiting for me to come around! Check out their Facebook page to read testimonials and check out the before and after pictures.

The biggest frustration is knowing how awesome the products are and not being able to slap a patch on all of the people you love!

Quick disclaimer:

This is my personal experience using Thrive. I was not paid to write this and I am not guaranteeing these same results for you. I can only be honest about what it has done for me and hope that you give it a try and see if you experience the same results. Lets start Thriving together! If you are interested, message me on Facebook and I’ll answer any questions and get you started! To learn more about the products or to order visit Thrive and start feeling alive!



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