Thrive- What A Time To Be Alive- Week 1

I’ve had several people ask me, “What is this Thrive stuff that you keep talking about it?” So here it is folks and I ain’t going to sugar coat it……

I decided to try this Thrive product. Who knew, that one day I would be that annoying friend on Facebook always posting positive statuses and promoting Thrive? I sure didn’t, but look at me go.

It started with my friend Jamon. Several months ago, he attempted to educate me about it. I dismissed him as another annoying friend that had found some trendy fad and was now trying to make money off of me by pushing their bullshit agenda. He didn’t. Instead, I watched over the course of several months as his life transformed before my eyes. He began working out faithfully with before and after pictures, documenting real results. He accredited the motivation and energy to this miraculous vitamin packed product called, “Thrive.” He became seemingly more positive with all of his status updates and joined the, “Bikers Against Child Abuse,” movement, while leaving a job that was no longer bringing him joy. For me, this demonstrated that he was fulfilling his dreams and passions in life, instead of standing still and bitching about all the things in life he didn’t find joy in anymore. It became obvious, he had changed. You can’t fake the positive that was emanating from him.

Meanwhile, back in bitchville, I was tired. So tired. Tired of not finding passion in my job. Drained from fulfilling all of the responsibilities that go along with being a single mother. Failing at keeping up on household chores. Exhausted to a point of setting four alarms to go off in 15 minute intervals every morning, and even then, still snoozing past all four of them. I found myself staying up all night and sleeping all day. The idea of even getting into the shower had become too much work. I would not hesitate to wait until the very last minute that I absolutely had to get into the shower to get ready for work, before I would start running the water. Let me put some perspective on this revelation, most days I start work around 5:00 pm! This is unacceptable. I survived work, but I wasn’t Thriving. I’m a server. It’s a job I rather enjoy at times, but let us not dismiss the stress associated with poor tippers, slow days and the overall thankless duties that the job entails. It pays the bills, but had become redundant and joyless.

On top of that, I am a recovering heroin/meth addict. While I praised the Lord, every single day of my tired little life for overcoming those demons, I was not thrilled about the 65 pounds I had put on by achieving my sobriety. It was depressing. I am 4’11. I am not built to weigh 175 pounds! Everyone in my life insisted that I am small and carry the extra weight well, but come on. I see myself naked everyday! In fact, I am the only one seeing my ass naked and let me tell you folks, it ain’t a welcomed sight. I know what you’re thinking, “If you are that miserable, diet and hit the gym!” Right? Wrong. How can I possibly convey in words how exhausted I really was? I was depressed. I had zero motivation. I had no energy to even stand up in the shower, let alone, “Hit the gym!” Like most Americans, I wanted an overnight fix with immediate results. I found it. Now that you understand a little bit of my back story, let me tell you all about the fix I found called, “Thrive!”

The Beginning Step: Taking Initiative

I started one morning watching a video on where else, Facebook, of Jamon pumping out push ups and feeling good, positive and alive. I, on the other hand, was contemplating whether or not I had enough energy to get into my car and drive the two minutes up the road that it would take to secure myself a caramel latte. I didn’t. I messaged Jamon and asked him if he had any sample packs of his Thrive products. I explained how miserable I felt all of the time and how badly I needed to find a source of energy in life so that I could get up and start living. He responded promptly and offered to bring a sample pack by, (Unbeknownst to me that the pack cost $15) he delivered it, free of charge with encouraging words and instructions on how to use the products. He ate the cost because he was excited and hopeful that he could provide the help that his friend was desperately seeking. I am eternally grateful for his generosity. I eagerly awaited morning, so that I could begin my trial pack of Thrive.

Week 1: Day 1

Woke up with my usual headache. Reached over towards my nightstand for the Ibuprofen, but opted to wait and take my Thrive instead. I took one vitamin, as I had been instructed to on my first day. I laid back down in bed, fighting to go to back to sleep. After all, that was my routine. My mind was immediately alert and sleep was not an option. Ten minutes later I mixed my shake with water and downed it. It was a refreshing change from never eating breakfast. I laid back down, but still, I did not fall back asleep. Why was I even trying to go back to sleep? Habit, of course. Ten minutes later I took the other vitamin and put on my Thrive patch. This patch is meant to wear all day, so i opted to secure it to my thigh. A thought resonated with me, “Oh shit! I still need to shower. Did I ruin wearing my patch all day? Is it going to wash off in the shower?” It didn’t. More importantly, I got up and showered immediately. Did you hear me? I got up and got into the shower immediately and began my day.

I messaged Jamon, ‘Dude this is a fucking miracle. My mind is awake. Does that make sense? I don’t feel like running a marathon, but I can’t go back to sleep and my mind is alert.” He laughed and responded that it made perfect sense and he was excited for me. He had warned me that everybody’s body is different and it takes more time for some than others. After all, it is an 8 week challenge. My experience began instantly. I remained awake and productive all day. I reached for water over soda and coffee. Hello? Perspective on this realization. I live in Washington state. Home of Starbucks and let me tell you, there is an espresso stand on every corner. I never made it through the drive thru that day. I wonder if my espresso girl noticed? I never needed the Ibuprofen. My headache subsided within the first 30 minutes of my day.

Went to work and found myself dancing in the service alley. I was wearing a genuine smile and was motivated to push wine, appetizers and desserts. Overall, my legitimate happiness reflected in my tips at work that shift. I rocked 20-30% gratuity all night. Moreover, I was content with being a closing server and not in a rush to go home. I felt happy. An emotion I had not been privilege to for some time.

Week 1: Day 2

Woke up before my 8:30 alarm at 8:15 in the morning. Holy shit folks. I woke up before my alarm! I can count on a finger-less hand, how many times that has happened in my life. Exactly! Never. I took both vitamins right away, as instructed to do on day two. Ten minutes later, I made my shake and drank it down. I had a vanilla shake on day one, but this chocolate shake on day two was even better. Neither one of them taste bad. I’ve just always had a preference for chocolate. Those of you reading this in my immediate circle of friends can go ahead and laugh at that inside joke. Okay, seriously, stop laughing. Moving on…

I removed my old patch and put on my new patch ten minutes later, ready to start my day. No headache. I woke up today with no headache. That rarely happens. I messaged Jamon and let him know that I would be needing to buy these products, but was worried about running out before my order showed up. I knew I couldn’t wake up without my Thrive ever again and it was only day two of my Thrive experience. He assured me he could help out with product to get me through until my order arrived. I knew it would be, “Expensive” and was also concerned about what this product was actually going to cost me.

We discussed the cost and that there are several different packages you can choose from. I wanted the package that contained the products I was using to feel this good and discovered it would cost me $190 a month. Was I disappointed at the cost? Yes. Am I single mother who began immediately finding excuses as to why I couldn’t afford to spoil myself with this indulgence? Absolutely. Did it seem unreasonable to commit to spending $200 a month on vitamins? Perhaps, but let’s factor in how much money I was spending on coffee, espresso, tips for the espresso gals, energy drinks, rocket chocolates, other caffeinated means for survival and Ibuprofen. Hmm… suddenly that $190 didn’t seem that unattainable. Moreover these products are all natural, Non GMO, gluten free and packed full of vitamins, enzymes, pro-biotics, amino acids, anti- oxidants, minerals and plant extracts. A much healthier alternative to my sugary, caffeinated existence.

I decided to order product as a promoter, rather than just a customer because it afforded me 30 free patches. Why wouldn’t I? I have no intention of trying to make a living promoting these products. However, I absolutely can’t shut up about them and want everyone to feel as genuinely amazing as I do. I wondered if when I was in severe withdrawal back during my heroin addiction days, if these products would have made the withdrawal more tolerable? Of course, I am unwilling to relapse to perform this case study, but my curiosity was sparked nonetheless. I feel so fucking good.

Week 1: Day 3

“I can’t believe I spent $190 on these products! Rent is due. What if they stop working?” Just a few of the nagging thoughts in the back of my mind today. However, I woke up before my alarm and popped right up and into my Thrive routine. I reminded myself a few times that I am absolutely worth a pathetic couple hundred dollars a month! I feel more alive than I can ever recall feeling in my entire existence. Why wouldn’t I invest in myself? On top of feeling a mental clarity that I cannot express in words, I am: full of energy, grinning ear to ear all day, happy, my appetite has been curbed, I am drinking more water, I’ve completely eliminated coffees and energy drinks and I can’t wait to go to work! Do you know how rare it is for anyone to want to go to work? I’ve been a server for 18 years! We don’t get excited about going to work anymore at that point. If we ever did at all!

So what am I going to do at work? I am going to sing. I am going to dance. I am going to have fun. I am going to go out of my way to help my coworkers and be more attentive about asking if they need help during my down times through our dinner rush. I am going to enjoy the people I work with, instead of bitching and complaining about every bad tipper and lazy server I work with. Did I make this decision consciously? Nope. It just started happening.

The results? Coworkers are starting to notice a difference in me. I am not trying to sell them products by tagging them and 49 others on stupid Facebook posts or adding them to those dreaded group chats. I am not hosting a Thrive party. I am just being me and guess what? I am changing. I feel good and people are starting to notice. People are starting to ask me about this Thrive thing.

Week 1: Day 4

I’ve lost weight. Now, I hate the scale. I can’t bring myself to step onto the scale. I know that I am miserably overweight and I don’t need to know the number to know it ain’t good. I step onto the scale. Holy shit! I have lost five pounds without even trying. Did I exercise? Nope. Did I start a fad diet? Absolutely not. So, what happened? My appetite is curbed. Perhaps I should read the labels on these products I am so passionate about.

After scanning the labels I discovered that there is green coffee extract and Garcinia Cambogia in them. You can’t scroll Facebook without seeing ads for these miraculous weight loss supplements. They even have celebrity endorsements claiming these supplements helped them lose their baby weight after giving birth. Who knew? Regardless of the fact that I have lost these five pounds, I know it is just a beginning step. All real and healthy weight loss will occur only when I am committed to eating healthier and exercising. But guess what? My mental clarity and the energy that comes along with these Thrive products are creating a desire within me to achieve just that. I banged out a couple of crunches and some push ups to feel better about my day. I have a gym membership and decide to begin doing the classes with my friend from work.

I’ve been dancing and happy at work. I’ve picked up several extra shifts just to release this energy and hop all over that extra money. After all, I have a new monthly bill. I can’t imagine my life without Thrive ever again.

Week 1: Day 5

It’s official. In less than a seven day week I am a different person. I wake up every day before my alarm. My headaches have completely subsided. I am full of energy and life. My appetite is curbed and I am making healthier meal choices. Suddenly, my sweet tooth is almost non-existent! My sister got me a hot fudge sundae, (One of my favorites) and I took three bites before giving it to my roommate, Marlin. Not because I felt guilty about eating it, but because it didn’t taste as good as I remembered it tasting before. I am craving fruit, veggies and water. Let me not bullshit you. I am a meat eater and still devour a steak or some BBQ chicken like you wouldn’t believe. But, they are consumed in much, much smaller portions. My appetite has shrunk and my ability to binge on big meals or junk food has dwindled. I am eating half of what I was eating before and in smaller meals spread out through out the day. Rather than, gorging on huge feasts right before bed because I didn’t eat all day like I used to before.

In Conclusion:

This product is a miracle. If my story has left you unswayed or unconvinced, check out their Facebook page to read testimonials and see tons of before and after pictures of dramatic weight loss and results! I am not here to sell you on the product so that I can make a shit ton of money. Can I make money through orders under my name? Sure can. If I have two people ordering from an account I set up under my own, do I get my products for free each month? Absolutely. But if the products didn’t work and weren’t doing what I am telling you they are doing for me, why would I want to continue to use the products even at the price of free? I wouldn’t. That would be asinine. Hey, guess what? If you like the products and find two people, you will get your products free too. I’m not trying to screw you over. I am trying to help you realize that you don’t know how good you are supposed to feel and then give you the product that helps you feel that fucking good!

I have been using these products for almost two weeks now. I can’t imagine going back to hitting the snooze button and wasting my life in an unmotivated, non-energized heap on the couch. I won’t. I’ll keep you posted on how this product continues to boost my morale, mental clarity, energy and ability to push for so much more. I am sharing my experience because I am passionate about the progress I see and want everyone to feel as amazing as I do. Especially, if you are living your life like I was mere weeks ago. I know, I know, the cost, right? Well, I know I am worth it. Are you?

Quick disclaimer: This is my personal experience using Thrive. I was not paid to write this and I am not guaranteeing these same results for you. I can only be honest about what it has done for me and hope that you give it a try and see if you experience the same results. Lets start Thriving together! If you are interested, message me on Facebook and I’ll answer any questions and get you started! To learn more about the products or to order visit Thrive and start feeling alive!




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