Welcome to CrazyGirlBlogger 2019

I am currently working my way into the field of freelance writing. Writing has always been my passion and God has provided me with an opportunity to slow down and turn my dreams into my reality. I consider myself a research enthusiast  with a thirst to learn and a knack for applying that knowledge.  

From a young girl in third grade to a junior in college, I have earned several awards, scholarships and mentions for my writing contributions. I am ready to make a change in my life and in this world. Seeking connection with like-minded individuals. 

I celebrated five years heroin free on 09-27-2018. Addiction and recovery are forever passions of mine and I am looking to advocate for better drug treatment and jail/prison reform to accommodate drug offenders. I will be writing about recovery, social justice issues, my experience with a Scientology cult and exploring a plant based diet among other things. I have recently been binge-listening several podcasts and am looking to work with others on a recovery podcast.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project or might have a writing opportunity for me, shoot me an email below. Thanks and God bless. Visit my Blog for my latest posts.

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