Narconon- Rehab Series- Part 12

Narconon- Rehab Series- Part 12

A few days have passed and I have managed to attest (pass) my TR-0, eyes open and eyes closed for one hour each, and Tr-1-TR-4. Thank God for that. It is Monday, however, and so this is my first long day (9-9). Tessa (Tess) Moff pulls me out of class for a minute,

“Hi Liz. How are you doing? You feeling okay? Can I get you anything? “She asks. She bobs her head a little when she talks. I think it is a result of shifting back and forth on her feet. She is an animated speaker and talks with her hands, as well.

“I’m good. I am really eager to get into sauna though,” I admit.

“Well, that’s why I needed to talk to you. Tomorrow, you are going down to the doctor’s to have your liver enzymes checked and blood work done, so that you can be approved for sauna,” she informs me.

I am a little confused by this, but agree to be ready to go in the morning. Apparently, Rick, goes to the doctor each week to get a shot, so I won’t be riding alone. Tess Moff heads back to the office and I make way back into the classroom.

It is now time to drill TR-6-TR-9. These drills deal with the subject of control. Control in Book 1 is defined as, “Start, change, stop.” According to L. Ron Hubbard (LRH),

Almost the entire subject of control is summed up in the ability to start, change and stop one’s activities, body and one’s environment.

As I read along, I feel as though I am learning a foreign language. In fact, as time goes by, I learn, the students refer to this language as, “Narconese.”

AM Sauna is out and Cody and Richard Erickson, volunteer to help me run my TR’s. Richard goes by Rich. He is younger, with brown hair that he hides under a ball cap often. He has a little extra weight, but a genuine smile and infectious laugh. He is here for Robotripping. I had to ask what that was. Apparently cough syrup and cold tabs are a new substance abused by youth.

We haven’t spent a lot of time together. However, I am aware of his dislike for our resident cat, Mr. Bojangles. Mr. Bojangles is an orange tabby cat that hangs around the center. One night, Rich was sitting on the courtyard bench with Gus and Cody, and Mr. Bojangles slinked through the slats on the bench, brushed Rich’s leg and scared the living piss out of him. It was hilarious. He swears that this cat is out to get him. He calls him the plotting, “ninja.”

TR-6- Part 1 is weird. It consists of a student and a coach (another student). The coach is always to the right of the student and he has one hand on the student’s back and the other on his/her arm. He guides the student for a walk (start) then alters course (change) and then ends the walk (stop). There are no verbal commands. We practice it briefly.

TR-6- Part 2 is even stranger. We are practicing outside. There is the course room wall and directly behind it, is the wall to the girl’s rooms. This is an ideal location for these drills.

“Look at that wall,” Rich commands while pointing at the wall. I direct my attention to it.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Walk over to that wall,” he commands, while pointing at the wall. I walk over to it.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Touch that wall,” he commands, again pointing at it. I comply.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Turn around,” he commands. I turn around.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

After I have turned around, we are facing the outer wall of the girls rooms and he repeats the commands. However, this time we have the added bonus of handling originations.

“Look at that wall,” Rich commands. (He points at the wall with every command as the Book instructs to do). I Look at it.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Walk over to that wall,” he commands. I walk over to it.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Touch that wall,” he commands.

“My stomach hurts,” I originate.

“I understand that your stomach hurts. After we complete our TR, we can talk to Stormy about getting you some papaya, (supplement Narconon gives for stomach issues), I repeat the command, touch that wall,” he commands. I touch the wall.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Turn around,” he commands. I turn around.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

That is TR-6- Part 2, and like the others, I have to run it for days before I am allowed to attest. By the end of it, I want to slam my head into the wall.

TR-7 is the same as TR-6. However, in this drill, if the student is unwilling to comply with the commands, the coach physically forces them to do it.

“My turn,” Cody says, excitedly.

“Look at that wall,” he commands. I don’t look at it. I stare down at my feet. He grabs my chin and the top of my head and forces my eyes to face the wall.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Walk over to that wall,” he commands, again pointing at the wall. I don’t move a step. He physically drags me over to the wall.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Touch that wall,” he commands. I flip him off. He takes my hand and causes my middle finger to touch the wall.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

“Turn around,” he commands. I refuse to comply. He physically twirls me around.

“Thank you,” he acknowledges.

That is TR-7. If the student has an origination, the coach does not handle it with a statement of understanding, but rather physically forces the student to comply with the command. According to Book 1,

This teaches the student to never be stopped by a person when he gives a command, to run fine control in any circumstances, to handle rebellious people and to bring about his willingness to handle rebellious people.

Like I said, Narconese. Thank God, for the 3:00 p.m. break! We have an hour before next session. Now is the time to check mail, eat a snack, watch TV, chain smoke and bullshit.

“Get in to the box!” A southern voice exclaims. It’s Mackenzie, or as we refer to her, Kentucky. She is the Sauna IC (in charge), and Juice is running around the pool, when he is supposed to be in the sauna (box).

Juice taunts her and laughs, as he continues to run around.

“I don’t want to sit in there,” he professes.

“I don’t give a good, gall, darn fuck what you don’t want to do Juice,” Kentucky says. This statement is followed by her notorious statement,

“Get in to the box!”

She says it with a thick Kentucky accent and she emphasizes each word with a pause between them. Many of the students, mimic her.

“Yeah Juice. Get into the gall darn box!” Rich teases. “Mackenzie don’t give a good, gall, darn, fuck about what you want to do!”

“Get in to the box,” Cody repeats, in an attempt to copy her accent.

Juice finally gets back into the box. Kentucky rolls her eyes and tends back to sauna paperwork and duties.

Keisha had her first day in sauna, but she did AM sauna and she sits down next to me to tell me about it.

“It’s hot,” she says.

“Well, yeah I would imagine,” I say in a smart ass tone. We giggle.

“I missed you in class today,” I confess.

“I have been looking at and touching walls,” I elaborate, with an eye roll and exasperated sigh.

“Have you yelled at the ashtray yet?” She asks.

“What? No. I haven’t yelled at an ashtray,” I admit, giving her a confused look.

“That’s TR-8,” she explains. “You literally have to yell at an ashtray and tell it to stand up and sit down in that chair.”

I am so confused.

“Awe yes, yelling at the ashtray,” Swift chimes in.

“Hey Swift,” I say, trying not to stare at her.

Jude and Rick head over.

“Hey 2 Chaaaaaainz, do you want to do my dishes tonight?” Jude asks. “I’ll put a pack of your cigarettes on my Walmart list,” he offers.

“Hell yeah!” I exclaim.

“Yo, that goes for any of you,” I say. “You want out of dishes, let me put something on your Walmart list for trade.”

Everyone acknowledges the deal and several of them will take me up on that trade.

This is a great hustle. I am good at hustling. That way, I won’t have to ask my dad to keep putting money in my student account.

“Swift. Do you do your own hair?” I ask. She has a beautiful, vibrant red to it.

“Yup! I love doing hair,” she elaborates.

“It’s beautiful,” I inform her. “I love it.”

Oh my gawd. Am I flirting with her? No. That was a legit, no-homo compliment. Right?

“So, Rick, I am going to the doctor for sauna approval tomorrow with you,” I inform him.

This excites him.

“I hope Gavrill drives and not Pedro,” he confesses.

“Why?” I ask.

“Gavrill is cool as shit man. Pedro won’t let us vape in the van. Besides, Gavrill plays good music and Pedro doesn’t,” he elaborates.

“Oh hell yeah. I hope Gavrill drives us too then,” I agree.

Keisha asks if I want to go hang out in her room for a few minutes. That is code for, “I need to talk to you about something.”

We head down to her room.

“What the fuck? Why are my suitcases out on the stoop?” I ask.

The door to my room is open and Coco and Chanel are spraying something, in an attempt to mask an odor.

“Are you guys kicking me out?” I ask.

“Dude, there is something in your suitcase that smells,” Chanel says. Coco laughs.

“What? Dude, no way,” I say, while making my way to the suitcase.

“Oh my gawd. Pew dude!” I exclaim.

There is a rotten fish smell in my suitcase. This explains why when I went into the closet yesterday, I smelled stanky fish. I breathe a sigh of relief, that that odor is not coming from Coco or Chanel.

“Dude, do you think it’s my seashells?” I ask.

When I was Huntington Beach, I collected seashells for my daughter. In addition, I took a water bottle and filled it with sand. There were tons of mini shells by the surf that I packed into the bottle.

“Those are clams! Liz! Oh my gawd, those are mini clams!” Coco exclaims, laughing uncontrollably.

I had no idea that these tiny clam shells, harbored live clams. I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection, but we all have a good laugh about it.

I admit, “Dude, I thought one of you had a funky odor and wasn’t going to approach you about it.”

“That’s too funny,” Chanel says. “We were thinking the same thing about you.”

“Awe pew dude! I’m sorry ladies,” I apologize. “I’ll toss this and leave my suitcase out here to air out. I am just relieved that you aren’t kicking me out. I saw my suitcases and thought, what the hell did I do?”

I excuse myself and follow Keisha into her room. Her roommate, Reagan, has just finished sauna.

“You should be able to move in tomorrow,” Reagan says. “They are moving me to the house tomorrow.”

This excites me. Reagan is one of those girls that you want to hate because she is so beautiful, but she is sweet so you can’t. She has long, light brown hair with blonde highlights. A perfectly, toned body and the best ass, by far, of anyone at this center. She even has a 6-pack for abs. Like I said, you want to hate her, but she is absolutely a sweetheart, so you can’t.

She hangs out with the meat-heads. Her and Dominic are inseparable and there is talk they are together. Dominic is mouth watering fine. Like Anthony, he is rock hard and covered in tattoos. He sat in on my hour TR-0 eyes open for 15 minutes, and by far, was the best face I have been confronted with!

“So what is the deal with you and Dominic?” I ask.

“Nothing. He is my good friend. Why does everyone always think we are together?” She asks, while blushing.

“Well, gee, I don’t know. Maybe because you two are always together,” I laugh, in a sarcastic tone.

“Why? Do you like him?” She asks.

“Well, he’s attractive, but if you are seeing him or like him,” I begin to explain.

“No we aren’t. So you like him?” She asks again.

“I’m breathing aren’t I? You’d have to be dead to not notice how hot he is,” I elaborate. “I’m totally crushing on him.”

She laughs.

“Go for it,” she suggests.

“Are you sure you two aren’t together?” I ask, again.

“No. Not at all. I have a boyfriend back home,” she promises.

“Okay, cause I would never flirt with someone that has a girlfriend, so you sure you don’t mind?” I ask.

“Of course not,” she replies.

After she vacates the room, Keisha confides in me.

“I have a little crush too and I don’t know why,” she admits.

“What? Oooo. Who is it?” I ask.

“Noah,” she replies.

Noah is the tie dye guy who doesn’t like me.

“Really? Awe. Does he like you?” I ask.

“I don’t know. I think so. It’s not like I am obsessing over him. I just think he is cute,” she elaborates.

Like two school girls, we giggle and tease each other about our crushes.

“I can’t wait to be roomies!” I exclaim.

“I know! We are going to have so much fun,” she concurs.

“Two- minutes!” Jacob calls out.

Oh shit. It’s already time for class again. We race out to have a final cigarette together before I am forced back into TR’s. Keisha is out of sauna for the day but expresses she will miss me. She still has to report to roll call, however.

Stormy begins calling out names, awaiting our, “here” responses, so that he can put a check mark by our names.

“Donny Dimaggio,” Stormy calls out.

“Syphilis,” Donny D responds.

The entire class erupts into laughter.

“Quiet down,” Jacob instructs.

“Jude London,” Stormy calls out.

“HIV,” Jude replies.

Again, the class is in hysterics.

“Calm down. Come on now guys, you’re all adults,” Jacob says, irritably.

Stormy twirls his mustache and does not look amused.

“Are we good? We good?” He asks. “Are we good?”

The classroom quiets down.

“Rick Mason,” Stormy calls out.

“Full blown AIDS,” Rick replies.

Even I can’t control myself and join the classroom with their inappropriate laughter. There really isn’t anything funny about this immaturity. However, it tickles me and I turn my head to hide the fact that I am one of the students laughing.

“Come on guys. Quiet down. Are we going to go through this every time I take roll. Knock it off,” Stormy advises.

After roll, Stormy dismisses the Objectives students. Cody and Rich are both willing to run my TR’s with me again. However, Stormy advises us to skip TR-8, as the ashtray has been misplaced and to go ahead and drill TR-6-7 this session.

This time, I give the commands and have Cody and Rich take turns being coached. We laugh a lot. I throw Cody into the wall, when he refuses to touch it. He is shocked by my strength. I accidentally, hurt his finger, when he flips me off and I force him to touch the wall with his middle finger, as he did with me.

Mr. Bojangles comes creeping by and Rich jumps.

“Do you really hate cats that much?” I ask.

Cody is laughing.

“Dude, that cat has it in for me. Fuck that cat. He’s a ninja!” Rich exclaims.

The great thing about running TR’s outside, is that the Course Supervisors are inside. We can get away with bullshitting a little and we take full advantage of it. In fact, we have goofed off most of this hour, and before we know it, it is time for a cigarette break.

Keisha joins us on the benches, while we smoke. Kacie comes out too.

“Hey Kacie. Are you wiped from sauna? You seem to sleep a lot,” I observe.

“Yeah. It drains me for some reason,” she admits.

“Keisha, have you noticed it yet?” Kacie asks.

“Well, it is only my first day, but as time goes on, I am sure I will feel it,” she replies.

It is not uncommon for sauna students to take a nap. Sitting in a hot box for five hours sounds exhausting.

“I hate saunas,” I admit. “I can’t wait to get in it, so I stop withdrawing and can sleep, but I am a little claustrophobic and don’t like steam that causes me to not breathe.”

“Oh, this is a dry sauna,” Kacie explains. “It’s not like a steamy one that you can barely see or breathe in,” she elaborates.

“Oh, really? That’s awesome,” I reply.

This is great news. It was the one concern I held regarding sauna.

“Yeah, Liz. I had no problem breathing in it,” Keisha confirms.

“The only issue was when the eucalyptus oil wears off and it begins to smell like feet. Thankfully, Kentucky had no issue throwing more oil on the rocks,” she continues.

The break is over and I confirm I’ll see them in an hour for dinner. Stormy has located the ashtray and it is time to practice TR-8. As Cody begins to explain this TR, I am distracted for a minute. What exactly did Tess Moff mean about needing to be approved for sauna? I already had my blood drawn and liver enzymes tested. Is something wrong with me…..

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