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Several years ago, I wrote my blog series,  Epidemic. Abandoning my senior year at a Lutheran college to shoot dope, Epidemic is a very raw and accurate portrayal of my time as a homeless heroin junkie. With over fifteen-thousand readers worldwide, I am actively seeking an editor for its publication. Many readers have reached out to me over the years to inspire me with their own journey. Some have gone onto rehab after reading  Epidemic, while others never picked up where I left off because they read my story. Others have shared with me the forgiveness they were able to extend to the addicts in their family after reading about addiction from my perspective. 

It truly is a blessing to hear about the impact sharing a small piece of my story has had on so many people’s lives. God bless you and please continue to share your success with me. I absolutely adore hearing these stories and they are the motivation I need to keep going strong. Happy to report that I celebrated five years heroin free on 09-27-18. Recovery is possible! 

I am actively writing a ton of pieces to share with my readers concerning my recovery, the world around us today and my time in a Scientology cult posing as a drug rehabilitation center. I am looking to connect and possibly collaborate with others on addiction, recovery, exposing Narconon and social justice pieces. Help me break the preconceived notions and stereotypes regarding drug addicts and recovering addicts in the world today. Let’s educate the world and help make it a better place. Don’t let the world define you by your past.

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